School Based Decision Making Council

Members (beginning July 1, 2016):

Eddie Franke, Principal - Chairman

Melissa Herald, Teacher - Vice Chairman

Kendra Abner, Teacher

Karan Hackman, Teacher

Shelley Hamberg, Teacher

Jenny Muller, Parent

Tonia Schwegman, Parent

Meetings are held on the fourth Thursdays of each month in the Auditorium at 4:30 PM. 

 Click here for Online SBDM Meeting Agendas and Minutes - to use click on the date of the meeting you would like to see.

Southgate Wellness Policy (Rev. December 2016)

Extracurricular Eligibility Policy (Rev. September, 2012)

Southgate SBDM Bylaws (Rev. September, 2014)

Southgate SBDM Principal Selection Policy (rev. June 2, 2008)

Southgate SBDM Policies (rev. July 2016)

Information on SBDM from the Kentucky Department of Education